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Solar Energy Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Solar energy survey questions and sample questionnaire template to understand the importance of solar power and the impact it can have on clean and renewable energy production. These survey questions can be administered at an organization level, since most impactful solar and renewable energy decision are made at the highest levels. This questionnaire asks surveys respondents questions on their past, current and future plans and investments to tackle global warming using solar energy as the mode for a renewable and clean energy source.

Does your organization rent or own the property?
In which type of geographical area is your organization located?
For how many years has your organization inhabited in the current location?
In 5 years, in which renewable energy is your organization most likely to invest?
Which renewable energy do you think has the most extensive scope to be successfully implemented across the globe by 2030?
How important is it for your organization to contribute towards clean energy by investing in renewable sources such as solar?
Previously, has your organization invested in solar energy?
Do you think your organization will start investing in clean energy over the next 5 years?
What are the current hindrances in installing solar energy panels for your organization?
How aware is your organization about technologies used in solar energy?
In 10 years, is there a plan to invest in solar energy?
Which category of solar energy will your organization prefer?
How much will your organization allocate for the installation of solar energy panels?
Given a choice, from which country will your organization import solar energy products?
Would you compromise on quality in favor of cost-effective solar products?