Strategic planning survey questions and sample questionnaire template

These strategic planning survey questions help gain insights into an organization's strengths and weaknesses. This questionnaire helps in pin-pointing potential improvement areas, make business decisions to address these, and ensure continuous growth on the collected data or feedback. With this sample, a survey maker can edit the questions as per their application and send out the survey for improved strategic planning.

My key association with the organization is as:
Tenure of your association with the organization:
Please rank and order (1-10) the following attributes of the organization, from strongest to weakest:
Research and Development
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service
Organization Culture
Senior Management
Product/Service Quality
Market-driven Products
Cost-effective Products/Services
Please share what according to you is the importance of each of the following products or services?
Extremely Important
Extremely Unimportant
Product/Service 1
Product/Service 2
Product/Service 3
Product/Service 4
Product/Service 5
How satisfied are you with the offered products and services?
Extremely Satisfied
Extremely Dissatisfied
Product/Service 1
Product/Service 2
Product/Service 3
Product/Service 4
Product/Service 5
What are the factors which can be improved to make our products/services better?
Which of the products/services need to be discontinued by the end of this year?
Where do you see our products and services in 5 years in terms of growth?
Do you think, we have made notable progress this year?
Please suggest how can we align ourselves with your expectations for this year?
Are there any additional competitive products or services in the market that we should review?

Top 3 reasons to use this strategic planning survey template

1. Evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses: This survey template allows the organization to know their strength and weaknesses and ensure to create an effective strategy to improve the product/service and serve better to future customers.

2. Evaluate product/service satisfaction: Measure the customer satisfaction level towards the product or service in terms of features, quality, cost, marketing techniques, and customer service.

3. Evaluate strengths for the following organizational attributes: It evaluates various aspects of the organization, including production, research, sales, marketing, organization culture, product/service quality, finance, and senior management.

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