Survey Templates Employee Evaluation Surveys Supervisor Evaluation Survey Questions for Feedback + Sample Questionnaire Template

Supervisor Evaluation Survey Questions for Feedback + Sample Questionnaire Template

The supervisor evaluation survey template and sample questionnaire help you track and measure the performance of your managers and team leaders. This sample online survey template is designed for employees to share their feedback on the manager.

Use this free questionnaire to evaluate the performance of the mid-level and senior managers and check if the employees are getting support. Know if they are facing any challenges or have concerns for the management staff. Check if the managers share feedback regularly with the employees.

You can customize this sample survey as per your needs and let the subordinates evaluate their supervisors.

Considering your complete experience with your immediate supervisor, how likely are you to recommend your colleagues to work with him/her?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How long have you been associated with the organization?
What do you feel about the following statements?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
1. My immediate supervisor is impartial
2. My immediate supervisor follows through on commitments
3. My immediate supervisor gives me feedback that helps me improve my work
4. I receive coaching and training from my immediate supervisor
5. My immediate supervisor is always available for quick discussions
6. I receive recognition from my immediate supervisor
7. I feel my performance is fairly evaluated
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
8. My immediate supervisor is open to feedback
9. My supervisor has a vision for my progress
10. My manager helps me achieve my personal goals
11. My team leader helps me align my personal goals with organizational goals
12. My superior conducts regular meetings to evaluate my performance and give feedback to improve it
Overall, how satisfied are you with the job being done by your immediate supervisor?
How often does your manager give feedback on your work?
How helpful has been the feedback given by your manager?
If you have ever offered suggestions to the management, how satisfied were you with the response?
How well does your manager respond to your mistakes?
Do you think your good work gets rewarded?
Do you have any comments, concerns or suggestions for your supervisor?

Top 3 reasons to use the supervisor evaluation survey template

Here are three key benefits of using the supervisor evaluation survey template.

1) Team satisfaction
Using this sample questionnaire, you can learn if the team is happy with their manager. You will get to know if the team sees the supervisor as a good leader and mentor and find them fit to lead the team.

2) Training areas
Managers and supervisors need training too to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. You can uncover which areas need attention and design training programs accordingly. Rather than conducting generic learning and development sessions, targeted sessions will get better results and help managers improve their performance.

3) Succession planning
If a manager is moving into a new role or a senior role, they must be well equipped for the new responsibilities. Using this template, you can evaluate the manager's readiness for the new role and plan for upskilling as necessary.

Top 3 Criteria to evaluate your supervisor's or manager's performance

Be mindful of these 3 criteria for effective evaluation of manager performance.

1) Confidentiality
Without open and honest feedback, there cannot be a proper performance evaluation. This can be ensured only with confidentiality. Your staff will only be candid and honest if they have a fear of negative repercussions. Do not just say that their feedback is confidential; tell them about the measures taken to ensure that too.

2) Clarity
Do not just take feedback, dig deeper, gather details, get to the root of the problem. It does not have to be calls or meetings, just have an open-ended question, and it might give you what you need. If there are concerns regarding the manager's performance, try and figure out which areas and how it can be improved.

3) Take Action
Finding pain areas is not enough; you need to remedy those quickly. Acting on the information you collect will not only help supervisors be successful but also reinforce to your staff that management cares about feedback and will act on it.