Survey Templates Employee Evaluation Surveys Voice of Employee Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Voice of Employee Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Voice of employee survey template consists of questions to collect feedback from the employees. Voice of employee is defined as the opportunity for the employee to express their opinions, concerns and/or suggestions about policies at the workplace, offer ideas to make the workplace better and how to help the management in implementing these changes.

This sample survey template consists of 21 questions that help an organization collect meaningful insight. With the right data, it is easy to make informed decisions. This questionnaire is designed by experts and can be customized to suit an organization’s needs.

1. Based on your overall experience with the organization, on a scale of 0-10 how likely are you to recommend the organization to your family/friends? 
0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please choose the most appropriate answer for the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I am proud to be working in this organization
I am happy with my role and responsibilities at the workplace
I am motivated to complete my assignments/tasks on time
I feel aligned with the organization’s goal
I appreciate the role of leaders within the organization in achieving the goals
I am aware of the organization’s expectations
I have access to the resources and tools needed to successfully complete my tasks
I am given sufficient time to complete my tasks
I feel inspired to come to work every day
I feel I have a good career growth in this organization
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I see myself in the organization in the next 5 years
I have clarity about my career path in this organization
My manager values my opinion
There is a session of feedback conducted on a regular basis
A process of continuous feedback is followed in the organization
I enjoy working with my team
3. If you could change one thing about the organization, what would that be?
4. What do you like the most about the organization?
5. What is the organization’s greatest strength?
6. What is the organization’s biggest weakness?