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Website Demographics Survey Template

Website Demographics Survey Template offers questions and examples that provide insights on how the respondents get the information about the website, products/services that they maybe interested in and other demographic information. QuestionPro questionnaire sample includes a set of questions demographic information such as age, region, education and other information such as reasons of using the internet, purchasing intent etc.

Thank you for visiting our site. We would like to know more about you so that we can be sure to bring you the kinds of information and services that you need. Please complete the survey below so that we may have a perspective on your opinions. Thank you for your help.
How did you find out about the site?
What is your age?
How many hours per day are you on-line?
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (you may check more than one)?
What do you use the Internet for?
From where do you most often access the Internet?
If you have, or plan to purchase goods on the Internet, what kinds of goods would you be most interested in?
What is your gender?
What is your level of education?
What is your household income?
What is your current occupation?
In your household, which age group is on-line the most?
E-mail Address:
Zip Code:
We would like to hear your suggestions on how we can expand or improve our site. What other information or services would you like us to provide you on-line?
Thank you for completing our survey!