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Website Feedback Survey Template

An unhappy customer can lead to 26 other customers to not purchase your product/service, while happy customers share their pleasant experience with 9 others. In any case, a customer on your website can provide valuable feedback to identify and eliminate issues they frequently face. A website feedback survey template includes questions about rating various aspects of the website, reasons for visiting the website, how did the customers know about your website and other similar questions.
This survey sample can be customized according to the detail of information required from the target market. Feedback about whether the visitor would revisit your website to know more about your products/services, frequency of visiting your website, demographic details can be obtained using this survey example.

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Please rate our web pages based on the following aspects:
Very good
Didn't notice
Technical support
Product information
Sample download
What are your reasons for visiting our site today?
How likely are you to:
Not sure
Revisit this site on a regular basis
Recommend our site
Where did you hear about our website?
How often do you visit our site?
When browsing our site, how long do you typically spend?
How frequently do you surf the web?
In a typical week, how many hours do you spend surfing?
What do you regularly use the web for? (Check all that apply)
How often have you used the web to gather product information?
When do you plan to purchase a [PRODUCT_CATEGORY] via the internet?
What is your primary use of [PRODUCT/SERVICE]?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Why conduct a Website Feedback Survey?

Your website should be appropriately positioned to target a section of this market. Sending out a website feedback questionnaire to obtain a clear understanding of what customers remark about your website and its details can make life easier for your organization.

  • Is your website well-suited for your target market? - Get insights about this question by including aspects such as what do your customers prefer searching for on the internet or the reason for them visiting your website. Answers to this question can be analyzed for better targeting of your website as well as your products/services.
  • Feedback from industry experts is important but customer feedback is over and above what industry experts have to say, as ultimately your website is exclusive developed for your customers. Enhancing or maintaining a website is a constant process. The factors that customer find helpful do not might be obsolete tomorrow and this is why website feedback must be done at regular intervals of time.
  • Follow through the received feedback so that you live upto the market’s expectations and eventually gain loyal customers in the process.
  • After implementing the suggested changes, you can re-evaluate the website by sending out this survey sample to the same set of people.

Best Uses of Website Feedback Survey

  • Most customers judge your organization on the basis of your website. Your website should be constantly reviewed and improved so that frequent visitors can be converted into loyal buyers. This can happen by conducting a survey at regular intervals and making changes according to the suggested changes.
  • Gauging customer satisfaction about your website can be difficult but a survey template like this can make that easier.
  • Boost the overall impact of your website by conducting website feedback surveys.