Webinar Consumer trends in 2022 & beyond: A global outlook!
  • Stephen Kraus Executive Director,
  • Jon Last President, Sports and Leisure Research Group
  • Dan Fleetwood President, Research & Insights, QuestionPro

Please join us for a January tradition!

Three leading trend-watchers will share new data and insights about how consumer lives changed in 2021, and evolve in 2022 and beyond. Come hear perspectives on the top consumer trends and marketing opportunities in the year ahead from insights experts: Dan Fleetwood (President, QuestionPro); Stephen Kraus (Executive Director, Market Research Institute International) & Jon Last (President, Sports & Leisure Research Group).

We have been monitoring and researching global trends to track fleeting and permanent changes in purchase behaviors and track consumers' outlooks. We will share data about the consumer pulse and outlook and look at the factors driving change and what you can expect as brands and marketers going into 2022.

This webinar will include previously-unreleased data and the latest findings from the highly acclaimed “Back to Normal Barometer,” which has continuously pulsed public opinion surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020.

Join Stephen, Jon & Dan as they talk about the rise of alternative economies, macro and micro-level trends, and what you can do to add real value. You can also learn about changes in various categories and what transformative consumer trends you need to embrace to retain and bring in customers to stay above the curve.

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