Webinar CX: Theory vs Execution
  • Sally Donovan Client Relations Lead
    Rove Marketing
  • Crystal Wiese Director, Marketing

Planning isn't everything when working on CX - How to apply what you've learned?

Explore the best practices and insights on how to make the most of our customer experience management software.

Learn how to boost your customer's loyalty and gather insightful data by effectively employing all the features CX provides you with.

Join Sally Donovan and Crystal Wiese to discover the best tips and tricks on how to execute CX in your organization and turn your clients into brand advocates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive in with them during this exclusive chat.

  • doneDiscover how to implement CX program on a practical level
  • doneWays to create efficient CX surveys
  • doneHow to analyze CX data insights and act on them