Webinar CXBS Ep.2: An Engineer's Look at Customer Experience
  • Jerry Seufert Founder
    Fresh Air Venture
  • Karl Sharicz Founder & President

Did you know that engineers bring a point of view and tools from their profession that can also be useful to CX initiatives?

You're invited to think anew about CX with the ‘eyes of an engineer.’

Among others, engineers relentlessly study failure until the root causes are unmistakable. They use those learnings to design better solutions, then publish what they learned so that colleagues worldwide profit from their learnings in their work.

How would your CX practice be different if this was common in CX and embraced by your stakeholders?

Join Karl and Jerry, combined with 30 years of CX industry experience, in our January (aka Happy New Year!) second episode of CX Behind the Scenes: A live CX group discussion.

Our guest of the month, Jerry, will reveal secrets on how, with the right strategy in place, anyone can use an engineer look to discover more easily CX root causes and design better CX and VoC programs.

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