Webinar CXBS Ep.3: Winning with your Net Promoter Score
  • Jim Bass Founder
    Designing The Difference
  • Karl Sharicz Founder & President

When it comes to the business Net Promoter Score (NPS), one thing is for certain:

Many companies depend on Net Promoter Scores as a key customer experience metric, when in reality the NPS is just an indicator, a moment in time.

NPS creator Fred Reichheld said in his recent book “Winning On Purpose”, that at its inception the Net Promoter Score was not intended to be the holy grail we’ve turned it into today.

He originally wanted to call it the “Net Lives Enriched Score”, an outcome of the Net Promoter System rather than the purpose of the system.

Over time, the score has obscured the value and power of the Net Promoter System. The truth is Net Promoter Systems have measures built in which, when leveraged and utilized correctly, it creates fierce customer and employee loyalty and engagement.

On the third episode of CXBS, Karl welcomes Jim Bass CCXP CX-PRO, to share his experience leveraging Net Promoter Systems at McKesson Corp., ADP, and Verizon Connect to improve customer experience and as a strategy to drive growth in the Net Promoter Score.

About Jim Bass

Over the past 20 years, Jim Bass NPS CCXP CX-PRO, has worked in the field of Customer Experience at several large B2B companies: McKesson Corporation, ADP, Verizon Connect.

In addition, he also served as a CX consultant at Macquarium helping another large publicly held company achieve its experience goals. Over the past few years, Jim delivered CX Management courses and content at HorizonCX.

In 2014, he became NPS Certified under Deborah Eastman and learned how to leverage Net Promoter Systems for customer and employee success.

Since that time, he has helped large companies achieve their NPS and engagement goals. Jim's CX perspective is that experience improvements don't have to be costly or require capital investment. Many times tweaking a behavior or process can yield significant results.

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