Webinar CXBS Ep.4: The AI Generation: How is it (already) shaping Customer Experience
  • Marc Mandel Vice President
    QuestionPro CX
  • Karl Sharicz Founder & President

A Journey from Natural Language Processing, to Natural Language Understanding, to now, Natural Language Generation.

While the rewards and risks of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our field are yet to be determined, AI has rapidly become a valuable technology, enabling companies to provide personalized experiences, optimize processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

But what exactly is AI, and how is it transforming CX and VoC?

In this webinar, we'll discuss with the group the various implications of AI on CX. We'll chat about:

- What's the bigger picture progression of AI up until now and what's behind it

-Provide personalized recommendations and offers to customers

- Optimize customer service and support

But more importantly, how to balance its use to continue providing an empathetic and authentic customer experience in any type of industry.

On the fourth episode of CX Behind the Scenes, Karl welcomes Marc Mandel Vice President of QuestionPro CX, to share his experience working with Clarabridge, how it all started with the Natural language processing (NLP) to in effect label unstructured feedback and reflect on what is yet to come for the world of AI in CX and VoC.

  • doneHow tools like AI/ChatGPT can enable CX and VoC to drive higher employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • doneUsing artificial intelligence on critical experience elements such as sentiment analysis and moments of truth/pain points
  • doneTips to ensure that it is used consistently across channels and departments to enable a company comparative metrics