Webinar Deep dive into extraction logic
  • Dan Fleetwood President, Research & Insights, QuestionPro
  • Crystal Wiese
    Marketing, QuestionPro

To make sure your research surveys have a great completion rate, it is critical to maintain the interest of your respondents. But how do you make sure they remain hooked to your surveys? Well, there are a number of ways to reduce the dropout rate. One of the tricks is to show them the questions and options that are relevant to them.

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Dan Fleetwood, Research Platform & Communities, QuestionPro
Crystal Wiese, Director, Marketing, QuestionPro

Top five questions & answers from this webinar
Q: How is the data captured for drag and drop if we are using extraction?

Anwser: Considering you want the options selected to be displayed in the drag and drop question, the options selected in the question with the extraction logic will appear as the options in the extracted question. The respondents will be able to further drag and drop the options and rank them.

Q: What is the difference between 'all choices' and 'displayed choices'?

Anwser: You can choose to show or hide options by applying logic. 'All choices' would consider all the options irrespective of whether they were shown to the respondent or not, whereas 'displayed choices' selects only those answer options that were displayed on the survey.

Q: If you add an 'Other' option, does the answer appear on the extraction question?

Anwser: Yes, 'Other' option can appear on the extracted question. If the respondent has input any dynamic text, it will show up as an option in the extracted question.

Q: Can we have two extraction logics on one question?

Anwser: Yes, you can do that. You can, for example, extract a single select question from all the options selected, and then extract another, say, multi select question from all the options that were not selected. You can also apply different skip logic patterns to achieve this.

Q: Can we extraction logic on NPS question?

Anwser: We typically see this logic on multi-select questions, but you can't extract multiple options from NPS question.