Webinar Exclusive Deep Dive into SPARK Matrix VoC Report
  • Shruti Jadhav Associate Director
  • Ken Peterson President of CX

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is considered an essential part of a company’s customer engagement and retention strategy. Companies build VoC campaigns that can help them understand consumer demands.

Nevertheless, the objective of a VoC platform is not limited to capturing and analyzing data. An effective VoC program should also help brands develop comprehensive data, produce accurate and reliable insights, and analyze data to improve customer experience.

Join and meet our guest speaker Shruti Jadhav, the Associate Director of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, who will go through the takeaways of the Spark Matrix VoC Platform 2021 report, such as the VoC Platform framework, the current key market drivers for the VoC market, emerging technology trends, and more!

Our president of QuestionPro CX, Ken Peterson, will then discuss a case study where he will share a real-life business scenario to illustrate the application of the VoC theory provide by Shruti.

Take a dive into the VoC trends in the market and how QuestionPro CX can not only help you gather insightful data but also enhance customer loyalty.

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