Webinar How to read a virtual meeting room using live polls
  • Vivek Bhaskaran Founder & CEO, QuestionPro
  • Erik Koto COO,

With everyone being forced to work from home, there are two things that matter the most when it comes to #WFH tools:

  1. Regular check-ins with employees
  2. Tools to facilitate and measure employee engagement

Judging online engagement in the workforce can be tough. Are people paying attention? Are they learning what’s being presented? What’s their feedback?

Walk through how LivePolls can help you gamify your digital event with online polls, fun quizzes, and trivia. Read the room and understand the pulse of your audience. Know what they want in real-time and optimize your event accordingly. You can also check in with your remote team and keep social interaction alive. Check out this webinar recording for FAQs and to learn more about LivePolls.

  • doneGamify virtual events & keep the audience engaged
  • doneShow of hands?” Ask questions & get feedback digitally
  • doneMeasure audience engagement & feedback
  • doneKnow what your audience likes - in real-time