Webinar Market Research for Startups - The How and Why
  • Nick Freiling Director, InsightsHub
  • Prachi Gupta Head of Customer Marketing

Imagine asking 300 random strangers what they think of your product/service idea. Not your friends, your colleagues, or your mom. This is a truly random set of 300 people, all of whom are willing to listen to your idea and tell you exactly what they think. That’s absolute gold. Otherwise known as “a survey.”

Getting the right data at the right time can be all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful startup.

In this Webinar we are going to talk about using surveys to test business ideas with Nick Freiling a market research strategist and the Director of InsightsHub at QuestionPro. Nick has helped over 1000 startups survey their target audience to learn more about how to create and launch products and services that consumers absolutely love.

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  • doneChannels and ways to find your target audience
  • doneDefining your target market
  • doneMeasuring willingness to pay for your offering
  • doneHow to use a product market fit survey
  • doneImpress your investors with real market data