Webinar How to use survey logic to optimize respondent experience
  • Dan Fleetwood President, Research & Insights, QuestionPro
  • Crystal Wiese
    Marketing, QuestionPro

With 40+ question types available at your hands, it can get a bit confusing to select which one's the best for your respondents, especially when the same question can be asked in multiple ways. It's also important to maintain the respondents' interest in the survey to avoid them dropping out half-way.

But, did you know you can use survey logic too to optimize the respondent's experience?

Learn from Dan and Crystal the the various ways to apply survey logic and how to offer your respondents an awesome survey-taking experience using logic. Find out from the experts on how to program your survey so that the respondents view only essential and relevant questions. Get to know how to make the maximum use of the limited time window available with the respondents.

  • doneDifferent types of logic
  • doneCreate concise survey
  • donePresent relevant questions
  • doneEnhance respondent experience


Top five questions & answers from this webinar
Q: What if I get stuck while applying logic to questions and need help?

Anwser: Click on the ‘?’ icon next to the logic name to open the help file. You can also search the help file based on the logic type in the searchbar. We have ample resources to refer to. You can also talk to our customer support team.

Q: Can I apply multiple logic types on the same question?

Anwser: Yes, you can club multiple logic types on a single question and customize the survey flow.

Q: Can I show a custom page based on the score of the respondents?

Anwser: Yes, you can apply multiple conditions and configure the application to show different exit pages based on the score.

Q: Can I loop through the logic for multiple options of the same question?

Anwser: Yes, looping allows you to dynamically "loop" through a set of questions based on responses to a multiple-choice question. You can ask the same question or set of questions multiple times for different options. For more details, refer how to use looping logic in surveys.

Q: Is it possible to save rules across different surveys?

Anwser: Yes, you can copy logic across different surveys. Say, if you create a copy of survey, all its questions and logic will be copied to the new survey as well.