Webinar Ratings vs Engagement: Building Real Loyalty
  • Scott Steele Program Director, Morgan Murphy
  • Ken Peterson President of CX, QuestionPro
  • Brady Hull Host of the Hull Show, 1310 KFKA

Metallica, Denver Broncos, AC/DC, Big Sky Conference…

In Customer Experience, earning loyalty is more than just numbers. The same is true in entertainment. Big box office numbers do not always mean a sequel will succeed. Selling out in your inaugural season will not guarantee success as a franchise. In music, a big hit may just mean you are a one-hit-wonder. The same is true in radio...which is very much a ratings game. However, ratings come with engagement before the measurement and loyalty afterward.

Just as the population is doubting polls, is it fair to question the listener ratings that are often used to set pricing for the precious commodity called advertising? Similarly, companies boast about their NPS score but are those numbers really indicative of how all the customers feel about a company?

Join us as we speak live with radio hosts and station managers Scott Steel and Brady Hull as we discuss why Ratings don’t necessarily measure Loyalty and how Engagement might be the driving force behind the success of any type of entertainment: radio, television, streaming and live events.

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