Webinar Remote employee engagement: 4 Ways to tap into employee ideas
  • Jamie Notter, Founding Partner Human Workplaces
  • Anup Surendran, VP - Product QuestionPro

We’re all working remotely now—but is it working? If you simply transplant the way you did things in the office to the remote environment, it’s going to cause friction, and results will start to suffer, conflicts and miscommunications will arise, and progress will slow because of it.

In this webinar, we’ll share specific adjustments you can make to your remote work environment to help it run more smoothly.

  • doneAreas that will have the biggest impact on the shift to remote work
  • doneSpecific adjustments to make your remote work environment smooth
  • doneIncrease passive transparency
  • doneUse your engagement portal to build an idea board

Speakers: Jamie Notter, Founding Partner, Human Workplaces and Anup Surendran, VP - Product, QuestionPro

Top questions & answers from this webinar
Q: Our company started doing 'all hands' meetings shortly after we went remote, but they’ve become sort of boring and scripted. Any tips for making them more interesting?

Answer: I have seen that happen with clients. It was sort of good at first, but then they kind of just fell into a rut. I actually saw one organization, notice that, and so what they did was really cool. I can't remember the frequency, but many, all-hands meetings they had, at least in one quarter, would be an open-ended strategic conversation. So it's not just a report out like here's what I know, here's what's going on. The topic would be generated like at the meeting so very specifically. So the senior people who are reporting did not have a chance to prepare their answers in advance. So it's just structuring your meeting a different way instead of having it be all like reporting out where people can practice what they're going to say, ahead of time which you still need to do some of those. The idea is to have some that are just more open-ended and emergent where topics get thrown out. And people have to respond to them on the fly. And again, I don't think they're going to want to do that every time because but a structure like that I think would help a lot. And it worked well for that organization.

Q: Can I download comments or ideas posted by employees?

Answer: Yes, you can. These will be downloaded in the form of a CSV report.

Q: Do you have SSO to login to the Ideaboard portal?

Answer: Yes, the tool supports SSO login. We have Google, Slack, Oracle, and O365 integrations, which will help employees sign-in with just a click.