Webinar Free Remote Employee Health Check
  • Jamie Notter, Founding Partner Human Workplaces
  • Anup Surendran, VP - Product QuestionPro

If we wish to flatten the COVID-19 curve, telecommuting is the only option we have. Work from home (WFH), while not new, is a transition for many organizations that comes with infrastructural and management challenges.

To support this ever changing landscape we have built the 'Employees Health Check' to highlight areas of support a team might need. We even ran it at QuestionPro!

  • doneHow to run a remote employee health check in 30 min?
  • doneHow to interpret the study
  • doneKey traits of your organization's culture
  • doneHow to best support your teams right now

Speakers: Jamie Notter, Founding Partner, Human Workplaces and Anup Surendran, VP - Product, QuestionPro

Top questions & answers from this webinar
Q: Is setting up your company structure something the client can do within Workforce, or does QP set it up?

Answer: Setting up your company structure can be managed by the client and/or the QuestionPro Customer Success Team can help you with this process. Along with the WorkForce Subscription, you also get assigned a Customer Success Team, who is your single point of contact and assists you with all your projects & surveys. This service is included with the package, there are no additional or hidden charges for support.

Q: My government clients would be reluctant to send email addresses to you - do you have an interface for us to administer?

Answer: Yes, there are multiple ways for employees to take/answer the survey:
1) Engagement portal: Employees can log in to a portal with SSO (Single Sign-On) and take/answer the active surveys.
2) Live Survey link with Participant ID/unique ID: Employees can answer the surveys using a generic link by entering a unique ID. Help-Link: