Gannett Case Study

QuestionPro Communities platform helps drive a $250,000 local revenue win for Gannett!


QuestionPro Communities partnered with Gannett to provide them with a comprehensive solution that allowed Gannett to innovate and expand their research internally. Gannett could manage 10 of their markets effectively from a central location using QuestionPro Communities.

It is now able to manage the pulse of every market it is into by identifying advertising opportunities in real-time, making significant design changes to meet the needs to all the markets and eventually exponentially improve their readership.

Here are some examples of studies done with members in each of their communities using the QuestionPro Communities platform and the key takeaways.

  • Gannett facilitated an ad-hoc community discussion to learn ways to increase the effectiveness of specific ads. This lead to a $250,000 local revenue win!
  • Gannett conducted a study related to the trust in media regarding “fake news” among newspapers, radio and local TV, on both USA Today website and in print media.
  • Gannett intended to learn about the impact level of a new, paid digital plus membership subscription option. The subscription service would offer complimentary unlimited content, tickets to events, and local theater experiences.
  • Gannett partnered with The Regional Tourism Network to target Louisville and Nashville residents (each city within 300 miles) to visit Cincinnati. The main purpose of this study was to answer what interests residents most about visiting Cincinnati.
  • Gannett needed to assess overall reactions from readers on an upcoming brand campaign in multiple areas in the USA. The study focused on two important geographical cities that had particularly strong viewpoints regarding the 2016 presidential election.

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