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Potbelly Case Study

Expanding the Customer Panel

And Industry Experts to Count On...

Transforming your company into a community requires getting to know your customers on a whole new playing field. Looking at the big picture, Potbelly has always been about more than just sandwiches and is an avid supporter of making their surrounding communities a better place.

Potbelly loves to talk and work with their fans. The marketing insights team at Potbelly was looking for a way to grow their customer panel and in addition they needed great support to help fine-tune their research efforts. Panel Management Software from QuestionPro has enabled Potbelly to strategically listen, expand their knowledge and interact with their community.

Potbelly Business Technology

Panel Management Software

Turning Companies into Communities.

People don't join companies, they join communities. The most awesome companies share a common belief and know how to turn their customers into fans. How? By listening and letting the community be in charge of what they should do next.

At QuestionPro, we provide our customers with the technology and expertise to successfully build, grow and manage the performance of a community. It's called panel management software, and along with it you gain access to a fully branded portal for your members to join your community, share their feedback and get rewards along the way.

Potbelly Business Features

Affordable Industry Expertise

QuestionPro now provides Potbelly with...

Potbelly Business History

Antiques and Sandwiches

How Potbelly Got Started...

Potbelly Sandwich Shop began as a quiet antique store that decided to start serving lunch to their curious, collecting customers. As time passed the "little antique shop that could" was slowly turning into quite the lunchtime getaway, complete with toasty warm sandwiches, homemade desserts and even live music. Today Potbelly has grown to over 300 sandwich shops across the USA, but our promise to provide fresh ingredients, fast service and a friendly environment set them apart.

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Potbelly Business Results

Passionate and Knowledgeable

What they had to say...

“QuestionPro was able to meet our basic requirements as well as provide excellent customer service along the way. The intuitive platform did not take too long to ramp up and get us going with surveys. By adding consulting hours into the contract we were able to ensure that they were there for us to help us grow into the platform to fit our needs. In addition, education hours hosted each month are another added component that shows even more capabilities of the platform.”

Emily Whitehouse, Marketing Insights and Program Manager at Potbelly