Case Study

Vistaprint NPS Response Rate

How Vistaprint Increased NPS Response Rate from 6% to 14% in 36 Hours

Vistaprint has millions of customers worldwide and has over 20 divisions to manage its respective regions. Serving customers have always been central to Vistaprint’s mission. The Vistaprint division we worked with had millions of customers in over 40 countries - online and off.

First, Vistaprint needed a solution to capture feedback at all touch-points throughout the customer journey to help them understand customer sentiment. Second, they needed to maximize the customer feedback responses to ensure valid data. Lastly, offline customer feedback had to be captured and aggregated seamlessly.



  • Deploy NPS surveys via SMS to increase response rates
  • Track customer sentiment over time using NPS methods across key touchpoints
  • Aggregate data from all feedback channels, including offline

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