Focus on what matters: your masterful and creative CX vision

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Enabling Applied CX for Your Business

SuiteCX by QuestionPro is a unique set of software tools that give CX practitioners unparalleled data intelligence, agility, organization and efficiency in their CX design activities.

It takes the tedious work out of CX and replaces it with an engaging and easy to use interface.

By streamlining the labor intensive process of compiling data and documents in a typical CX project, SuiteCX enables you to focus on what matters: your masterful and creative CX vision. We’ve provided all the training you need to get the most out of the tools.

Arranging a Personal Demo

During a one-hour online demonstration, we will show you how SuiteCX can help your business:

  • • Develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s experience
  • • Map and visualize your current customer experience
  • • Assess how to make your customer experience better
  • • Use your survey data to glean insights and recommendations
  • • Create tactical plans to create the priorities and change you need
  • • Improve your margins

Call or email to schedule the demo so we can show you how to solve your business needs and enable applied CX for your business.

SuiteCX University – Onsite, Online, On-Demand or Download

We provide a series of courses in a variety of formats to broaden and deepen the knowledge of our practitioners and partners all over the world. In combination with onsite training SuiteCX University is available as a webinar, a self-paced classroom, a downloadable PDF/PPT and in video format. Courses are 90 minutes to 2 hours long and are targeted at progressive skills groups.

Kickstart Onsite – Get started gathering your data and hands on training

SuiteCX practitioners with deep CX experience come to your business location to help you organize, filter and upload your CX data into SuiteCX to kick off your applied CX program; then we use that data to train your team in 2-3 day hands on workshops.

Courses by SuiteCX by QuestionPro:

  • SuiteCX 100 (Overview and Context)
    90 minutes – Get a broad overview of SuiteCX and what the tools can do for those who are just starting or restarting; covers basic functionality, navigation and application.
  • SuiteCX 101 (SuiteCX CX Features and Functionality)
    120 minutes – Get an insider tour of the CX capabilities and how to move throughout SuiteCX. Includes statistics, views, path to purchase, personas/segments, printing, downloads, mapping interactions with customers, interaction data, and map making.
  • SuiteCX 102 (SuiteCX Customer/Company Diagnostic and Planning Features and Functionality)
    120 minutes – A robust tour of the Assessment and Planning capabilities of SuiteCX and how to move throughout our designed workflow to get your projects done; includes survey readout (Voice of the Customer), verbatims, maturity modeling, findings, recommendations, heat map, prioritization, initiatives, roadmap and initiative charters.
  • SuiteCX 150 (Customer Journey Mapping Methods, why and how - for practitioners)
    120 minutes – Using the practitioner’s analogy of a mile wide and an inch deep or a mile deep and an inch wide, learn two approaches to customer experience/journey mapping and applied CX.
  • SuiteCX 151 (SuiteCX Configurable Maps)
    120 minutes – Using SuiteCX configurable maps to make your customer experience visual and actionable. Learn to create a working action plan. Learn the powerful features of configurable maps to achieve intelligence, agility, organization and efficiency in your applied CX design activities
  • SuiteCX 200 (Advanced CX and Diagnostics, APIs, methods, Control Panel, IPoint Management, SuiteCX 360 features)
    90 minutes – Explore the deeper features in SuiteCX from the creators of SuiteCX who have taken their collective 150 years of experience to help you achieve great things, includes trend analysis, IPoint and map management and working with your data sources outside SuiteCX.
  • SuiteCX 300 (SuiteCX Partner Preparation, marketing and usage)
    90 minutes – This course helps partners learn how to market, build a practice, sell and use SuiteCX for their practice and for their clients.