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A multi-dimensional end-to-end view of customer engagement across the full lifecycle

Combining a consulting and technology approach underpinned with a tried and tested methodology, SuiteCX by QuestionPro by delivers robust strategic scenario planning and customer engagement design through to execution.

We enable the use of a full stack of research, feedback tools, customizable journey mapping, customer experience assessments and data-driven insights, helping to design, visualize and deliver the optimal customer experience that engages customers.

Clients realize early benefits from this approach of between 5% to 10% delivered to the bottom line in savings and have a lasting strategy in place to further stimulate growth.


Customer Experience is an enterprise-wide initiative

We recognize that few businesses are wired to think about customer journeys from a holistic CX ecosystem point of view. For us, the wider customer engagement challenge is not just about acquiring more customers, it also puts heightened emphasis on retaining customers and improving lifetime values. And that requires understanding the customer and the journeys they take across the full lifecycle.

Best-in-class organizations optimize the customer journey, not just the touchpoints, using data to ensure both front and back-office operations are both scalable and agile enough to meet the demands of the empowered customer.

The growth of customer engagement strategy, design and execution has fundamentally changed over recent years. What was once a ‘one-and-done’ planning exercise has now turned into an ongoing, lasting business need, complete with its own specialists, methodologies, language and accountability.

3 Critical understandings that underline great experience delivery

1. How effective and agile business processes reduce friction across functional silos and underpin enhanced customer experiences

2. How workplace solutions empower employees in supporting customer engagement across channels

3. How automation and technology enhance employee productivity, driving higher levels of service delivery and customer experience

To help support this holistic approach to CX delivery, in 2022 SuiteCX joined QuestionPro, adding a powerful data acquisition, survey and analysis capability to its already highly regarded market-leading capabilities, and further shaping its software solution with a disciplined approach to data acquisition, segmentation and interpretation that all go towards enhancing experience design enhancement and innovation!

This includes:

  • • Live dashboards with real-time feeds
  • • Alerts & push notifications for recovery
  • • Comparison reporting & leaderboard
  • • Unlimited access for employees supporting enterprise customer centricity

Go from strategy to execution

Since its inception, SuiteCX by QuestionPro has had the privilege of working with a large portfolio of Fortune 500 and global client companies, leading agencies, business management consultancies, and marketing communications firms.

With over 150 years of combined experience in CRM and CEX consulting, our team is ready, willing, and able to take on part or all of your CX project.

We’ll work with you to determine the project scope, define best-in-class strategies, and provide the legwork to help you go from strategy through execution of your CX plan.