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One challenge in today’s business landscape is maintaining employee engagement. In the same way, you measure customer satisfaction, QuestionPro allows you to measure your employees. Employee engagement measurement tools are great for discovering how engaged your employees really are, determining the right questions to ask them, and uncovering the biggest changes that your business needs in order to create a productive environment.

Give Your Employees a Voice


To cultivate a winning work culture of creative potential, you need a powerful platform that’s automated, smart, and can identify your organization’s unique employee engagement needs. You can get real-time employee insights that enable you to create and sustain a more productive workplace with QuestionPro Workforce, the culture and employee experience platform. Improve your workforce effectiveness by measuring how your employees feel about collaboration and innovation in your company.

Get Actionable Insights


As far as employee engagement assessment tools go, Workforce helps you analyze your employee’s feedback into analytics that derive actionable insights. “Listen” to your employees through features like the Organizational Health Index (OHI), employee scorecard, cross tea, benchmarking, sentiment analysis, and leadership assessment. Functionally robust, Workforce helps you collect and decipher feedback from your employees at each and every stage of their experience — from onboarding to exit.

Employee Engagement Tool Features

Free Online Templates

Innovative Templates at the Ready

Our Employee Engagement Measurement Tools are designed by experts in Human Resources so you can get the answers you need from your staff. With a variety of free survey and questionnaire templates to track engagement, your employees evaluate your company and their supervisors. Your outgoing employees can offer valuable insight and help identify any patterns in employee turnover.


Seamless Integration

QuestionPro’s employee engagement pulse survey tools easily integrate into Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Slack, and more, to simplify the feedback process. Surveys and questionnaires are also available to your employees on the Pulse mobile app, meaning that organizations can create, send, and analyze surveys from Workforce anywhere — even on the go.


Efficiently Collect Insights

Improve your employees’ levels of engagement with built-in culture markers, designed to get the most transparency. Over a million culture data points are offered in an advanced, custom dashboard. Filter through survey responses by filtering out attributes to get real-time survey reports, Trend Analysis, and other employee engagement tools.


Discover Your Employee Net Promoter Score

Measure your employees’ sentiments, engagement, satisfaction, connection, and affiliation with your company by tracking your Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Out of all our useful employee engagement tools for managers, the eNPS helps measure employee loyalty and the most important deciding attributes behind it.

One-Stop Employee Portal

Receive solutions and innovations in seconds, with our customizable Workforce portal. Connect your Human Resources team directly to your employees to better understand their needs and expectations. Sync up the platform with a variety of our employee engagement online tools, including the creation and dissemination of surveys and questionnaires, and advanced data collection.

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Enhanced Security

Fully compliant with GDPR, section 508, SSAE 16 (SOC 2), and more, QuestionPro’s top concern is your data privacy. We guarantee protection and confidentiality with respondent anonymity assurance, as well as anti-ballot box stuffing capability.

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Mobile ready software

Conduct pulse review using the Pulse app to track employee sentiments, make performance reviews quick and easy. Employees receive a survey on their mobile phones and can respond to these survey from their phones itself. You as an organization can collect the responses received from your employees and review the analytics.

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