Automatic question numbering


What is automatic question numbering in surveys?

Some surveys can get long due to the number of questions, having a lot of open-ended questions, etc. If your survey questions are numbered, then it becomes easy for your survey respondents to follow the questions and check for their progress.

Example of automatic question numbering in a survey

Consider you are doing a survey to test how well your employees are supported to work remotely. You are asking them a series of questions regarding working from home, and there are various question types in the survey. You have some single-select questions, some smiley rating questions, and some open-ended questions. Your flow in this survey is crucial to identify and isolate problem areas to fix them and support your staff better. Numbering your survey will help your employees know the number of questions, how many they need to answer, and their questionnaire progress.


Uses of automatic question numbering in surveys

If you conduct surveys that have a high number of survey questions, it helps survey respondents answer the survey better. Also, numbering your surveys or questions where not all the questions are mandatory helps your audience navigate the survey better.

Advantages of creating surveys with automatic question numbering

How to use automatic question numbering in surveys

To use automatic question numbering in surveys, read our help files on how to set up automatic question numbering.

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