Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS)


What is Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS)?

Anti Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS) prevents participants from taking a survey more than once. It helps collect authentic responses and prevents diluting the data.

At times, researchers offer incentives like gift cards or discounts to answer the survey. They may want to prevent respondents from taking a survey multiple times. QuestionPro uses cookies to detect if the respondent has already answered the survey. You can also use custom variables to identify responses to QuestionPro surveys.

Examples of Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS)

If the respondent clicks any of the two links - original email invite or save and continue link, they can continue from where they had left off. However, once the survey is completed, they won't be able to retake the survey.

How does Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS) work?

As soon as the respondent starts the survey, a unique response ID is generated and assigned. Once they click on 'Submit', cookies are saved on the browser. If the respondent clicks on the link the second time, QuestionPro will look for the cookie and not allow them.

ABBS is triggered when the survey is completed for the first time. If the respondents start the survey but do not complete it, they can still access the survey by clicking on the link they have received via email.

However, if the respondent has completed the survey, then the link will get disabled. So, when they try to access the survey nest time, they will get an error message.

Uses of Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS) in surveys

Advantages of using Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing in surveys

How to set up Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing (ABBS) in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on ballot-box stuffing.

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