Save and continue option surveys


What is the save and continue option in surveys?

Some surveys can be long, and sometimes there is a need for them to be exhaustive. This can be quite cumbersome for your survey respondents.

Having the save and continue option in your surveys helps them pause their survey, save it, and resume it from where they left to finish it.

Example of the save and continue option in surveys

Let us consider a car manufacturer that is planning to enter a new regional market. They’ve never had any cars introduced before in the region. They want to do extensive research about the market to gauge what kind of car the consumers want and need, how much they are willing to spend, etc. In order to get such detailed information, a long survey is essential. Respondents may shy away from filling in very long surveys, even if they wish to. Having the save and continue option turned will let them fill it all in stages without getting tired or annoyed.


Uses of the save and continue option

Online surveys provide the benefit of answering them anytime and anywhere. This is very handy since people can answer surveys while commuting, lunch breaks, etc. Save and continue is really useful in such cases. You do not need to worry about dropouts since they can always come back and finish the survey. Long employee surveys cannot be completed in one go as employees have pressing assignments, deadlines to meet, etc. Save and continue ensures employees can resume their surveys where they left off.

Advantages of creating surveys with the save and continue option

How to use the save and continue option in surveys

To use the save and continue option in surveys, read our help files on how to set up the save and continue option.

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