Advanced quota control with distributed logic

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What is the distributed logic quota in surveys?

The distributed logic quota is a combination of different types of quotas. Quota control helps you limit the number of responses to your survey.

If the survey uses more than one quota control technique, it is considered as distributed quota control. Using this method, you can set up survey quota based on answers to multiple questions, custom variables, number of responses for each option, geo-location, and more.

There are two approaches to quota control - pessimistic and optimistic.

Pessimistic quota control does not count an individual as passing quota until they have completed a survey. So we can be sure that all quota cells are filled. If a user sends out many survey invitations, there is a strong chance that there will be an over quota situation due to too many completions. QuestionPro implements the pessimistic quota system. You can apply a distributed logic quota on multiple questions.

Optimistic quota control counts anyone who starts the survey but does not finish it. It has a lesser chance of being over quota, but a higher risk of being under quota. To avoid going over quota, the survey creator should manage the timing of survey distribution such that all respondents do not receive the invitation at the same time. It would also help researchers have better control over the responses.

Example of an advanced quota control in surveys

Assume a fintech company wants to know which credit card their respondents use. They conduct an online survey with their sample audience, representing the actual customer base.


Here's how you can set a limit on the number of responses for a specific answer option. Say, the total response quota is 10, with an individual limit of one response for the option Visa.


Once the quota limits for an option hits, respondents will not be able to select that option anymore. If more than one respondent selects the option Visa, they will see a message 'Thank you for your time, but we have already received the required responses.' If the respondents revisit the link, they will be able to select other options.

If the total response quota for the survey is hit, the survey will be deactivated.

You can also create multiple conditions and activate them with boolean operators like 'And' and 'Or'.


Types of advanced quota control in surveys

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Uses of advanced quota control in surveys

Advantages of distributed quota control on responses

How to set up distributed logic control in your surveys?

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