Consolidate data


What is consolidate data?

The consolidate data feature helps researchers merge data from two surveys for broader data analysis. Researchers use this function to analyze reports of two studies together. Combining responses from two surveys gives researchers a better understanding of the concerned topic.

Researchers can easily copy data from a survey only if it has the same question format. The consolidate data function helps researchers run multiple studies across various geographies or demographics and gather data to make comparisons. A single report can be generated from two different sources by consolidating data.

Example of consolidate data

For example, the HR of a company runs an employee satisfaction survey among two groups in the organization. One survey is fielded to the employees while the other to the supervisors. The studies may be different but may have common questions like 'How satisfied are you with the support you receive from your boss?' If HR wants to look at the overall support received by the employees, he/she can consolidate the responses received in both the surveys to get a more comprehensive understanding of the concerned topic.

Uses of consolidate data

Researchers primarily use the consolidate data function to combine responses from two surveys. Sometimes, researchers run surveys in batches due to various reasons. At the end of the data collection phase, they need to consolidate the data captured. Manually merging data can be very time consuming and can compromise the accuracy of the research. Consolidate data is a safe option for researchers to use when they need to combine responses from multiple surveys.

Consolidate data

Advantages of consolidate data

Here are the advantages of consolidate data:

How to consolidate data?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on consolidate data.

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