Custom variables surveys


What are custom variables in surveys?

Detailed surveys require a lot of variables or fields other than your generic demographics. Using customer variables, you can pass additional information. You can upload up to 255 custom variables and store them with your respondents’ answers.

Example of custom variables scale questions

Custom variables help capture and relate to the information attached to respondents’ profiles. On capturing the data, your surveys become personalized based on your respondents’ previous inputs. When brands are entering new markets, they do thorough research to understand the market. This helps them design better products and services and be successful. Consider a brand is running a customer satisfaction survey across four major cities in the USA - New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. Every time the respondents enter their city names, the values get stored as a customer variable, based on how it has been defined. If anyone wants to see the report based on cities, they can do so by just selecting that custom variable.


Uses of custom variables in surveys

Using custom variables, they can input many attributes about their survey respondents. This helps in deriving better consumer insights from your survey responses. With custom variables, you can segment your data better and design your questions or surveys accordingly. This gives you better insights into respondent choices.

Advantages of using custom variables survey questions in surveys

How to use custom variables in surveys

To use the custom variables in surveys, read our help files on how to set up the custom variables.

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