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What is a device audit?

Offline surveys are prone to fraudulent responses sometimes generated by the data collector. The device audit makes use of audio, picture, and location to judge whether the response captured is authentic or not.

The device audit can be used when the researcher sends out external vendors or employees to collect data on-site. It is a quality control mechanism.

Example of device audit

Companies conduct promotional drives by handing out free samples to potential buyers to use. After trying the product, they are asked to answer a short feedback questionnaire, usually by a volunteer, an employee, or a third party contract. To keep a check on any fraudulent responses entered by the survey collector, the surveying company enables the device audit feature that captures images, records audio, and captures the location of the responses.

Device audit

Uses of device audit

Surveys are conducted to collect genuine responses to make data-backed decisions. Making decisions based on fake survey data is the last thing any company wants and hence can use the device audit to monitor the activities of each survey. Setting up the device audit is a good quality control technique for offline data collection.

Advantages of device audit

Here are the advantages of a device audit:

How to use device audit?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the device audit.

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