Drag and drop survey question


What is the drag and drop question type?

The drag and drop question is a rank order scaling question used in surveys. This question allows a specific set of options (brands, services, products, etc.) to be ranked based upon a particular attribute or characteristic.

It is a ranking question which gives the respondents the ability to rank the choices by simply dragging and placing the selected image according to preference or rank.

Rank order questions are prevalent in surveys. Researchers seeking to create interactive surveys with a good survey design can use the drag and drop questions to develop a sense of engagement among the respondents and collect high-quality responses. The researcher can ask the respondents to either rank all the options or set an upper or a lower limit on the number of answer options expected. The respondents can easily drag and drop and create a list of the most preferred to the least favorite option displayed.

Example of the drag and drop question type

Let’s assume a coffee shop wants to understand the most preferred coffee among the residents of a particular locality. It can use the drag and drop questions to create an interactive choice-based survey and collect the preferences of the population. The coffee company can display different coffee types and ask respondents to drag and preferentially drop the options.

drag and drop survey question

Uses of the drag and drop question type

Researchers use the drag and drop question or the rank order scaling question to understand the preferences of their audience. Here are a few instances where they can use the drag and drop question in surveys:

Advantages of the drag and drop question type

The drag and drop ranking question is most helpful to researchers where choices are needed to be made, and items need to be ranked. Here, the researcher can keep the question text very short. Below are the advantages:

How to use the drag and drop question type?

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