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What is a dynamic comment box?

A dynamic text or comment box is a logic that helps to gather open-ended comments from the respondents when they select options. It helps in collecting additional data about the options chosen by respondents.

Example of a dynamic comment box

Consider, you are a company that sells laptops, PCs, and smartphones and want to conduct a survey on the different types of laptop series, their features, pricing, and functionality.

Also, you want your respondents to mention the reason why they choose this laptop series and what things they like or dislike. To collect this information, you can add the dynamic text box in the answer option. Once the respondent selects any of the options, the comment system will appear which will ask the respondents to specify the reason for choosing that option.


The above question is added to the survey to get detailed feedback on the laptop version. If a person chooses “Dell XPS 13” then the comment box will appear to know the reason from the respondent for selecting that option.

Uses of the dynamic comment box

Dynamic text comment box is used by the survey creators to get input type text feedback on their product or service based on the audience’s perspective.

Typically, the dynamic text comment box is applicable in the following question, that will appear based on the answer option selected.It will ask the respondents to specify the reason for choosing “Apple” as their favorite laptop brand.


Advantages of the dynamic comment box

How to add a dynamic comment box in your survey?

Learn how to set up and use this logic in your survey with our dynamic comment logic help file.