Dynamic text comments

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What are the dynamic text comments in surveys?

With the dynamic text comment box, respondents can input open-ended responses when they select an option. When they choose an option with dynamic comments enables, an open-ended question will show up.

The survey administrator sets the text of the question that is presented on the fly. Such answer options help in collecting additional data about the options chosen by respondents.

Dynamic text/comments box can be enabled for the following question types:

Comments entered by the respondents will be included in the report as a separate field following the question with a dynamic comment box.

Example of a dynamic comment box

Consider a footwear company that wants to know what their target audience prefers to wear for a business meeting. The below question lets its respondents input an answer if their preferred footwear is not mentioned as one of the options.


Uses of the dynamic comment box

Advantages of the dynamic comment box

How to add a dynamic comment box in your survey?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on dynamic text comments.

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