Enable and Disable Surveys


What is a disabled survey?

A survey that is deactivated or closed for collecting responses is considered as a disabled survey. It can be available to collect responses again once the survey admin enables it again.

There can be times when the researchers may want to pause the survey. It depends on the data to be collected and the insights to be derived.

Pausing survey turns it 'Off' so that it no longer accepts fresh responses. Participants will not be able to answer the survey while it is paused. Anyone who hasn't started the survey yet will not be able to respond. All survey links that have already been distributed, including the anonymous link, will be disabled.

Closing a survey will only restrict access to the survey. It does not affect data or reporting in any way. You can also configure to deactivate the survey automatically between chosen dates

To deactivate the survey, set the 'Survey Status' to 'Inactive'. You can choose to set the date until when the survey will remain closed. Or it will remain disabled permanently. When you want to enable it again to collect responses, switch it 'Active'. Once the survey has been disabled, respondents will see a message 'This survey has been deactivated by the owner.' This inactive survey message is customizable, and you can edit it as you like.

Example of a disabled survey

Consider a travel company that wants to know how people are planning their vacation this summer. This research is time-sensitive, and it would make sense if they distribute the survey around May or June. By then, people may have figured out their travel and holiday plans. However, conducting the same survey in January or February wouldn't make sense. Hence, in such scenarios, the survey admin can disable the survey until May and then keep it enabled until July.


If the respondents try to access an inactive survey, they will see the below message.


Uses of enabling and disabling a survey

Advantages of disabling a survey

How to enable or disable your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on closing the survey.

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