Flex matrix survey


What is a flex matrix?

Flex matrix is an advanced matrix question that allows survey creators to use multiple basic question types in the questionnaire. Such complex grid questions combine many sub-topics to encourage respondents to focus on one area at a time.

QuestionPro offers to add below basic question types in the flex matrix survey question.

Thus, a flex matrix appears to be a single question but is a group of many questions. It makes the questionnaire compact and takes less time to complete the survey.

Flex matrix or complex grid question in surveys

Survey creators can add questions as sub-topics and their rating scale as rows and columns respectively. Because they combine multiple question types, data analysis is different from the usual questions. It needs a detailed analysis of the responses collected by various layers of questions.

In such cases, inclusive analytics may not be enough. Market researchers need to dig deeper and analyze data in conjunction with other answer items. Organizations that employ massive hardware and software infrastructure often combine data from multiple sources to get a holistic view. Similarly, in market research, when data from various areas or topics are combined, it gives analysts and researchers a better perspective of their target audience.

Flex matrix question helps market researchers view their respondents' preferences and feedback in detail while connecting multiple dots.

Example of a flex matrix or a complex grid in surveys

Consider an e-commerce company that has hosted an online survey on its website. Whenever customers receive a package, they scan the QR code and get redirected to the customer satisfaction survey.

In the below example of a flex matrix, the survey creator has enabled the customers to share their experience in multiple ways. Also, in case the customers don't want to leave detailed comments, they can just leave their feedback in terms of their satisfaction levels.


Uses of a flex matrix question in surveys

Advantages of a flex matrix survey question

How to use a complex grid or flex matrix in your surveys?

To learn how to use this survey feature, check out our help file on the Flex Matrix question.

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