Create Folders

You can organize surveys in folders and set folder-level permissions to allow access.

  • Login » Surveys
  • Click the drop-down arrow and click on create a folder.
  • Click Share folder to manage permissions.
  • To rename or delete a folder, click the drop-down by the folder name and choose the desired option. Note: The My Surveys folder is a system folder and cannot be renamed or deleted.

For sub-accounts, you have the following permissions:

  • Edit: Edit permission gives users unrestricted access to your surveys within the folder.
  • Report: Users can view and download reports.
  • Copy: Users can make a copy of the survey.


For dashboard accounts:

  • Dashboard Access: Users can only view and generate reports.

How can I move Surveys between Folders?

  • Select the Folder to list the Surveys.
  • Cilck on the Options menu for the survey.
  • Now click on the Move option.
  • On the popup window, select the destination folder and click on Move Survey button.
  • The selected survey will be moved to the specified folder.