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What are folders in surveys?

Companies run all sorts of surveys, online questionnaires for their customers, employees, etc. All these surveys need to be managed properly, or they'll get lost in one common place or folder.

Folders in the QuestionPro tool help you manage your online surveys better. You can create folders for different surveys, share them, assign permissions to these folders, etc. It helps manage your survey repository efficiently.

Example of folders in a survey

Consider a brand that has a wide variety of products in different categories. They will be conducting surveys for all these products and also for the categories. There will customer satisfaction surveys, new product development surveys, etc. Arranging them in folders will help everybody in the organization to refer to them. Organizing them in folders will also help in arriving better insights into customer perception.

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Uses of folders in surveys

If your online surveys are managed in folders, you can refer to them whenever you need them without losing any time. It helps in sharing them with your team members effectively; you can just refer them to the folders. You can store your surveys in folders for posterity; this will be easier for teams to see what worked and what didn’t and refine their survey processes.

Advantages of creating surveys with folders

How to use folders in surveys

To use folders in surveys, read our help files on how to set up folders.

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