Geocoding Survey Responses

What is Geo-Coding?

When respondents take surveys, we collect and store the IP Address of the respondents along with the responses. By default, for all anonymous surveys, this is the only piece of identifying data that is collected and stored along with the survey response.

Geo-coding enables you to find out the physical location such has city, region (state), etc. for these IP addresses. This process of mapping IP addresses to physical locations is called Geo-Coding.

Can I disable geo-coding on a survey?

Geo-coding cannot be disabled. Geo-codes, once saved with the responses, cannot be removed or edited.

What is the accuracy of the Geo-Coding data?

QuestionPro has licensed the Geo-Coding database from MaxMind ( Under terms, the data provides 99% accuracy on the country level and 85% accuracy on the region level.

You can visit the GeoIP City database at:

I am currently in one region but my IP address is being stated as another region. Why is this?

Geo-coding of regions is primarily based how many details your internet service provider (ISP) has provided. In some cases, ISPs incorrectly report the origin of the IP address to the WhoIs database. ISPs may not also update the WhoIs database frequently. In such cases, you might be getting an incorrect Geo-Code for the region. QuestionPro cannot do anything about this. Please do not contact QuestionPro technical support staff regarding this, since this is a technical limitation of your ISP and not something the we can influence.