Homunculus Question


What is a homunculus question?

A homunculus question lets you capture patient data using images. Your respondents can select the area of pain or discomfort in their body.

With an intent to improve patient experience and efficiency of doctors, we designed a homunculus question type for surveys. Patients can let the doctor know in detail about the difficulty experienced by them. In case of one-on-one meetings with doctor, it is often limited to a single question or a few more due to time constraint.

Homunculus question in surveys

This question type consists of two visual representations of the human body. Once the respondents click on any area, they are asked a follow-up question. This question asks the intensity of their pain or other experiences in the body. Patients can select from the three color-coded choices - Low, Medium, and High.

Respondents can click on 24 points on the front image and 29 points on the back image of the human body. It allows medical professionals to get a preliminary idea of the patient's health condition. Hence, there remains enough room for them to work with patients on their treatment and healthcare. Also, they can ask detailed questions in their further interactions.

Example of a homunculus survey question

Consider a senior citizen patient has suddenly started experiencing pain while walking. Or a patient who is facing difficulty in speaking. While getting an appointment with a physician, his support staff asked the patient to fill out a survey. This survey asks details about the patient's discomfort and serves as a preliminary examination for the physician.

Homunculus question for patients Homunculus question

Uses of homunculus questions in the survey

Healthcare professionals have found that homunculus surveys have changed the way they work primarily in two ways.

Advantages of homunculus questions

How to add a homunculus question in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the Humonculus question.

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