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What is a hotspot question?

A hotspot question is used in the surveys to get feedback on images. It consists of an image, and respondents are asked whether they like or dislike a specific area of an image. There are no specific correct or incorrect answers. It is used just to know what part of the image is most popular among the respondents.

Hotspot survey

Example of a hotspot question

Consider a consumer goods company that wants to launch a new product in the market. A media agency creates some billboard ads and distributes its images internally to gather the feedback of respondents. They can ask them which ad they like most and why. They can also use a hotspot image testing question to know whether they like specific elements in the images or not.

Hotspot questions

Hotspot questions in surveys

A hotspot question in a survey shows one or more selected regions to respondents. On clicking that area, respondents will be able to share their views both graphically and textually. A pop-up box appears over the questionnaire with a 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' button for 'like' and 'dislike.'

Respondents can also leave their comments in the text box. It will give researchers more insights about what they think of the image. Hotspot question type offers options to either force respondents to answer the question or request a response. You can also customize the border color of the area selected, which needs participants' feedback.

Data analysis of hotspot questions

Once you collect the responses, QuestionPro offers many ways to analyze your data. You can create a Hotspot analysis report from the Analytics tab.

Hotspot report gives below insights to the market researchers.

Uses of hotspot questions in online surveys

Advantages of hotspot image testing

How to create a hotspot question for your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the Hotspot question.