Adding images in the surveys

Images play a vital role in communication and hence a significant role in surveys too. Multimedia makes your research study much more engaging and lets you collect quality data. The participants will like the well-presented questionnaire, irrespective of the device on which they take the survey.

It can get overwhelming to look at a large block of text without any images or multimedia and lead to fatigue. QuestionPro allows you to upload custom images in surveys to make it more exciting and engaging for your participants. You can upload images to your surveys with a simple tool and collect data using different means to present your questions and answers.

Example of images in a survey

Consider the below survey that asks participants to select their preferred coffee. The images of the different coffee make it interesting to answer the question. Without the pictures, it would have been a bit boring with the plain text.

Image in a survey

Ways to add an image to a survey using QuestionPro

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Where to add pictures in the surveys?

There are many ways to turn your surveys into a visual medium to collect insights from your target audience. Some of the places you can add images to improve respondents' experience and create an excellent survey are:

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Note: QuestionPro users own the intellectual property rights of the images and multimedia they upload. We do not monitor the content of the images you upload. If your images infringe on someone's trademark, copyright, patent, or trade secret, it is your responsibility and your liability.

Images options

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Uses of images in surveys

Advantages of adding images in surveys

How to add images in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the media library.

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