What is auto-advance in surveys?

With the interactive survey mode, you can automatically advance your survey respondents to the next question when they finish answering the previous one. When enabled, the survey automatically highlights a single question making it easy for the respondent to answer the survey.

Example of auto-advance in a survey

When brands are trying to enter new markets, they do extensive research to understand their customers, their preferences, needs, and requirements. The surveys that they design and roll out can get very exhaustive at times. This, coupled with the number of open-ended questions, can reduce the number of responses or hamper your data quality. If you line up the next question and its options, you can reduce the time and efforts put in by your survey respondents.


Uses of auto-advance in surveys

If you enable the interactive survey mode, they can auto-advance to the next question, reducing their efforts and time to click on the ‘Next’ button. Imagine your respondents filling out long customer satisfaction surveys; the number of questions can be daunting. Using the option can alleviate some of the fatigue that respondents may feel during exhaustive surveys.

Advantages of creating surveys with auto-advance

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How to use auto-advance in surveys how to set up auto-advance.

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