QuestionPro App Features

Enabling Mobile Survey Data Capture even when you are Offline!

We understand that sometimes data is too important to depend on the Internet. The QuestionPro Offline Mobile App continues to enable organisations around the World to capture critical survey data from respondents without depending on online connectivity.

From in-store customer surveys for boosting customer service to gathering information on water supply in remote villages to improve lives, our Offline Mobile App has enabled life-changing decision making and continues to help organisations like never before.

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Offline Dashboard for Survey Analysis and Insights.

Instant Online Sync-up when device is connected with internet.

PDF and Excel Data Export

Here are some of the key areas where the Offline Mobile App is ideal for use :

  1. In Kiosks and with human representatives in exhibitions or events.
  2. In brick-and-mortar stores for point-of-sale customer experience feedback.
  3. Street, malls or public spaces to capture audience feedback.
  4. City Outskirts with uncertain or no mobile internet connections.