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What is auto-translate in surveys?

You may need to run surveys in local or regional languages depending on where your customers, potential clients, or employees reside. Running surveys across the board with only one language option is not ideal. You may lose out on respondents as they may not speak the same language. Running surveys in multiple languages is always a better idea; it shows you care, genuinely want to hear from them, and improve survey responses.

Example of auto-translate in surveys

Consider a brand that is running a product satisfaction survey for the European region. While there may be respondents that will respond to your survey in English, generalizing it for every customer or region will not be ideal. You would need to send the surveys in German, Dutch, French, etc. to reach a wider audience. Losing out on their feedback will not help you understand if they are satisfied with your product. This will hamper your efforts to improve the product due to a lack of wholesome customer feedback.

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Uses of auto-translate in surveys

Auto-translating online surveys has several uses and benefits. Using auto-translate, organizations can conduct surveys in multiple languages simultaneously. You can gain insights into what your respondents feel across various regions giving you more and better data to make informed decisions. This survey setting helps you translate your surveys withing the tool, removing the need for external help. This saves on time and helps in the simultaneous launch of your survey campaigns.

Advantages of creating surveys with auto-translate

There are many advantages to using auto-translate in surveys. Some of the most prominent benefits are:

How to use auto-translate in surveys?

To use auto-translate in surveys, read our help files on how to set up auto-translate.

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