Marketo integration with surveys


What is Marketo integration with surveys?

Marketo provides you the ability to tailor efficient marketing automation campaigns. Using the Marketo integration with surveys provides a gateway for the flow of data from the automation platform to the survey platform.

You can leverage custom variables from Marketo with your surveys and also send relevant individual survey response details to the tool for better intelligence. Integrating surveys with Marketo provides the ability to learn more about customers without ever leaving a native ecosystem. Get real-time customer feedback directly updated in your Marketo database.

Example of Marketo integration with surveys

Large brands use Marketo for their marketing automation campaigns to monitor customer behavior and trends and move existing customers down the pipeline funnel. For example, a SaaS company has a diverse portfolio of customers and prospects, which means that the total addressable market could be worth millions of dollars - in some cases, even more. Using the Marketo integration with surveys, you can deploy smart campaigns and collect smart data directly into the platform to run advanced analysis and tailor-make further campaigns.


Uses of Marketo integration with surveys

The most significant use case of using Marketo integration with surveys is the visibility it provides brands and stakeholders to manage large marketing spends and optimum utilization of marketing resources. The integration with surveys allows brands to monitor consumer trends, purchase behavior, and even customer sentiments.

Advantages of Marketo integration with surveys

How to use Marketo integration with surveys

To set-up integration of Marketo with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to set up Marketo integration.

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