Multilingual survey tool


What is a multilingual survey tool?

A survey tool whose language can be changed so that all the features are available in your preferred language is considered to be a multilingual survey tool.

QuestionPro users can change the language of the application to one of the below languages:

You can also create multilingual surveys in 95+ languages, including Mandarin and Japanese. You can allow your participants to choose the language of their choice at the beginning of the survey.

QuestionPro uses Google Translate services to translate your survey into a different language. We have a built-in translation editor that allows you to make any changes in the questionnaire easily. We have users from different parts of the world, and so we let you change the language of the tool with a single click.

Example of a multilingual survey tool

Consider a user who wants to use the survey tool in the French language. He/She can configure the application to use all the features in French.

Multilingual survey tool

Uses of a multilingual survey tool

Advantages of using a multilingual survey tool

How to use a multilingual survey tool?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on multilingual surveys and help file on editing user details.

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