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What is my question library in surveys?

My Question Library is your personal question library where you can add frequently-needed questions. You can create and maintain your library and use it to add questions to any of your surveys.

You can access the library under ‘Surveys’. Clicking on my question library will display all your library questions and the option to add more if you wish.

Examples of my question library in a survey

Let us consider two examples of this survey setting.

1) You are a company that sells a certain type of product. While you may have multiple customers varying across different demographics, some questions will stay common for your surveys. So you can add questions that ask about essential details such as name, gender, etc., to the question library.


2) Another example would be a brand that sells gardening products. If they want to know from customers what they liked or disliked in the product, they can add basic questions such as ‘How satisfied are you with our gardening products?’ to the library. Based on that, they can further dive into the specifics of their reasons for liking or disliking the product.

Uses of my question library in surveys

You sometimes need to alter your surveys to cater to different demographics. Even then, some questions remain the same. These can be generic or mandatory questions that should appear in all surveys. Saving these surveys in my question library makes it easier for you to fetch them every time you need such common questions.

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How to use my question library in surveys

To use my question library in surveys, read our help files on how to set up my question library.

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