Qualtrics data import feature & tool


What is the Qualtrics data import tool?

The Qualtrics data import tool, developed by QuestionPro, simplifies transitioning from Qualtrics to QuestionPro. With this tool, you can seamlessly transfer your surveys and the responses you've gathered from Qualtrics to the QuestionPro platform.

Many legacy and new Qualtrics customers are looking for a superior alternative to Qualtrics for similar features but with enhanced customer centricity at a reduced price. The Qualtrics data importer allows organizations and researchers to seamlessly migrate their past Qualtrics surveys and data into QuestionPro in three easy steps with the help of a simple .qsf file.

Using the Qualtrics data import tool, users, researchers, and brands can access a mature research platform, QuestionPro, with a similar feature set but a better price, custom service level agreements (SLA’s), and no pause customer support.

Example of using the Qualtrics data import tool

Consider a global research powerhouse that conducts multiple surveys globally with many respondents per survey. Using the Qualtrics data import tool, one can move all the surveys with question types and responses into QuestionPro in three steps with a .qsf file.

The data import tool pulls the surveys directly for past surveys and responses. For existing surveys, once the questions are imported into the tool, by using point-and-click logic, advanced logic, quotas, and other features can be activated in the survey to access survey respondents of your choice.

Qualtrics data import

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Uses of the Qualtrics data import tool

Here are some uses of using the Qualtrics data import tool in your insights management process:

Advantages of using the Qualtrics data import tool

The advantages of the Qualtrics data import tool are:

How to use Qualtrics data import?

To use the import feature, read our help file on how to use the Qualtrics data import tool.

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