Report/data scheduler


What is a report/data scheduler?

A report or a data scheduler is an automated interface that periodically emails you survey data reports. The report scheduler is used in longitudinal surveys, where the data collection is continuous.

The report scheduler lets you schedule reports daily, weekly, or monthly. These reports can also be shared with other users within the organization.

Example of report/data scheduler

For example, an organization is conducting research on a newly-launched product. It needs to gather data continuously to understand customer needs and wants and uses this data to tweak the product. The organization schedules a report to go out to all the stakeholders of that product so they get direct insights into customer needs.

Correlation analysis

Uses of report/data scheduler

A report or a data scheduler is used primarily in longitudinal studies to capture data over time and to distribute it to other stakeholders. Researchers who need to gather data daily, weekly, or monthly can automatically do so by scheduling reports to be sent out to their registered email address. A data scheduler comes handy when there are multiple stakeholders working on the same data. Data distribution becomes much easier with automated emails.

Advantages of report/data scheduler

A report or data scheduler is advantageous because of the following reasons:

How to use the report/data scheduler?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on scheduled reports.

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