Report / Data Scheduler

What reports can I send via email?

Currently, you can email HTML versions of the Real-Time Summary Report as well as the Open-Ended Text Report.

How can I email reports?

  • Login » Surveys » Reports » Reports » Real-Time Summary or Open-Ended Text
  • Click the small envelope under the Live Report Link.
  • Enter the email addresses you want to send the report to, one per line.
  • Click Personal Message to compose a message to send with the report.
  • Click Send Survey Report.

What format will the report delivered?

The report is delivered in HTML format. Your email client must be configured to display HTML email. If your email client does not support HTML Display or your email client does not display the report correctly, please contact your email client provider. QuestionPro technical support cannot help you with your issues with the email client.

Can I get a copy of the report periodically?

  • Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Scheduling
  • Click New Auto-Scheduled Report.
  • Enter a name for the report.
  • The Frequency is set to weekly. Currently, there are no other frequency options available.
  • Select the Day to export the report.
  • Select any filters desired.
  • Select who should receive the report.
  • Click Create Scheduler Event.

Can I customize the time at which the report runs?

Currently all the reports for a particular day will be run at 3:00 AM US Pacific Time. This cannot be changed.

Can I “modify” a schedule?

At this point we not allow for modifications of scheduled events. You can however delete the events as necessary and re-create them.

Can I temporarily “suspend” the scheduled reports?

Yes. Just click on the “Suspend” icon.

When the scheduler is “Suspended” you will not receive any reports etc.

What do the different options for creating the Report Scheduler mean?

  • Name This is the name that identifies this particular scheduler event. Please make this as descriptive as possible – Example – Weekly Excel Report etc.
  • Report This is the kind of report that can be generated. Choose the best report that suits your needs.
  • Frequency How often do you want the report emailed to you automatically.
  • Time/Date When do you want the report to be generated and delivered to you.
  • Data WindowBy default, the reports will take into account all the data that has been collected under your account. However, in most cases, running the report on the entire data-set is not needed. It makes sense to generate the report only on the data collected say in the last three months or so.In cases where you only want to see the open-ended comments for a particular survey or simply see the scores generated in the last week, you can shorten the Data Window to be 1 week.

What are the different kinds of report I can schedule?

The following reports can be scheduled:

  1. Excel : Raw Data + Analytics. This is the exact same Excel report that is generated by going to:
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Export Data » Download Data » Raw Data Export
  2. Excel : Trend Report. This is the Trend Report that is generated by going to:
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Analysis Tools » Trend Analysis
  3. Powerpoint: Overview Report. This is the same report generated by going to:
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Export Data » PowerPoint
  4. CSV : Raw Data This is the CSV file that is generated by going to:
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Export Data » Download Data » Raw Data Export – CSV File
  5. HTML – Real-Time Text Report. This the the Open-Ended Text report generated by going to:
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Open-Ended Text
  6. HTML – Real-Time Summary Report. This the the Analytical Summary Report generated by going to :
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Real-Time Summary
  7. Custom Report : Refresh Custom Report If you have custom reports created :
    • Login » Surveys » Reports » Data Management » Search Data » Customized Reports

I have scheduled a report and I am not receiving it. What am I doing wrong?

The scheduled reports are automatically emailed to the email address specified in your account. If you are not receiving the emails please check the following:

  1. SPAM/Junk Mail settings – Please check your email SPAM/Junk settings to make sure emails coming from QuestionPro are not categorized as SPAM/Junk.
  2. Please check with your IT department to make sure your organization is not blocking emails coming from QuestionPro as SPAM.
  3. You can verify that the report was run by click on the “Next Schedule” link for the scheduled report in question.

Is there an upper limit for the number of report schedulers per survey?

Yes, there is a limit as per the license level:

  • Enterprise License - 5 Per Survey
  • Team Edition License - 3 Per Survey