Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)


What is the Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)?

The Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA) is a principle that aims to protect the identity of the survey participants so that they can give honest answers without worrying about the repercussions.

QuestionPro assures our users that while they conduct research, the privacy and confidentiality of the survey respondents will be protected at multiple levels.

Researchers often face a dilemma in choosing between the ability to track who has responded to the survey and not linking the identity of a person with his/her responses.

While the latter ensures that the data collected is honest and accurate, the former allows researchers to contact respondents if further inputs are required.

QuestionPro allows our users to choose between the two. Once RAA is enabled on a survey, computer-generated identification numbers for the respondents will be generated. However, the researchers will not have access to the respondent's email address and the response data.

You can hide the below fields using RAA.

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Example of Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)

For surveys with RAA enabled, they will have a link to the details in the footer. Once this link is activated, it cannot be removed, changed, or edited by the researchers.


Uses of Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)

Advantages of Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)

How to set up RAA in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature using our help file on Respondent Anonymity Assurance.

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